Have you ever been in a situation where you own property — valuable property — but can’t pay your regular bills? Have you ever run into a medical emergency, and now the bills are coming due, and you own a home, but your savings has been wiped out? These are just a couple of the situations that our clients at Love Texas Houses find themselves in.


At Love Texas Houses we do everything we can to buy your home for cash. We’re not here to just sweep in and take your home from you; we believe in a measured, reasonable approach to these kinds of difficulties. When life hands you struggles, you can turn to Love Texas Houses for a fair offer on your home to get you out of the bind you’re in. 


Here are some of the questions we get most frequently:


  • How do I know that you have the cash to buy my house?


We can send you proof of our funds and ability to purchase your home. Love Texas Houses is a legitimate business, nothing shady or underhanded about it. We buy your home for cash, plain and simple.


  • Are there any real estate fees?


We are not realtors, so we do not charge any commission or fees on the purchase of your home. We buy it upfront in cash.


  • What if my home is already in foreclosure?


Most of the time we can work with your lender to stop the foreclosure from happening. Late payments are almost always the reason for a foreclosure occurring, and we can almost always work directly with your lender to fix that situation. The important thing is to act quickly.


  • How do I know I am getting a fair price?


We make an offer for your house based upon comparative market analysis. This takes into account the condition of the property, location of the property and other data to support the price we offer.


  • What kind of houses do you buy?


We buy all kinds of houses at Love Texas Houses! What’s really important is why we purchase these homes. We work with clients who are going through incredibly difficult circumstances in their lives that necessitates selling their house, and doing so as quickly as possible. We care more about the situation of the seller than the actual house itself. Again, quite simply, we buy your home for cash. 

Choose Love Texas Houses


We also provide a number of resources on our website to assist our clients in determining if they need to sell their house quickly. That way, you can make an informed decision without feeling like we’re influencing you in any way. No hard feelings; given the same situation, we’d want the same for ourselves. And we’ve been in this situation. Louis Barkhuizen, the founder of Love Texas Houses, went through an incredibly difficult set of circumstances that required him to look at the possibility of selling his home for cash. Now that he is in a better place, he works to help other people in that same situation manage their situation. Love Texas Houses is here to help, so give us a call today and find out more about how we can help you.