Before we can propose a solution for your problem, we need to evaluate your property, as well as your personal circumstances. By filling in the contact form with some basic information about your home, our research team can make a preliminary workup of your home’s value.

Once we have some basic information regarding your home, we will have a telephone conversation with you to discuss your situation. We do this so that we can come up with the best outcome for your situation. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and we tailor our solution to best fit yours.

After our initial telephone consultation, we visit you in your home to do a basic home inspection to validate our estimate of your home’s value and to further discuss your situation. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about us, our process, or our proposed solution. Our process ends up with us making you a cash offer for your home. When you accept our offer, we sign a written agreement that starts the contract process. Our closing process uses the exact same contracts that you would use if you engaged a realtor.

The major difference in the time it takes to close is because we make a cash offer. We do not have to go through the financial qualification process that is typical when engaging the services of a realtor. The closing process is cut down from weeks and weeks to one week. During this time we get the formal inspection done on the home, formal contractor repair estimates (if applicable), and start the title review process with a title company. This quick process allows you to access the funds you need that much faster.


List With a Realtor

Sell to Love Texas House


You may have to spend thousands to get your house repaired before you sell. NO REPAIRS. You sell your house as-is to Love Texas Houses. We take care of any necessary repairs after the sale is completed.

Stage for Showings

You will need to stage your house prior to selling. This is crucial to getting your house sold. NO STAGING. We buy houses in any condition.

Number of Showings

Typically you can expect 10 to 15 showings. NONE. We visit you in your home to discuss your situation and to do a preliminary inspection. No need to show your house.

Realtor Commissions

On average you can expect to pay 6%. ZERO. You do not pay us any commissions.


An appraisal must be completed before the house can be sold. NONE. You sell your house to us as-is. We get the house appraised after any repairs have been completed.

Closing Costs

On average you can expect to pay 2% of the sale price. NONE. We pay for all closing costs.

Days on Market

This varies depending on the condition of the house, and can be several months of the house needs repairs. We make you a cash offer after we have agreed to the best solution for your situation.

Closing Timeline

This could be as long as 60 days after you accept an offer. ONE WEEK. We can close a sale within a week of you accepting our offer.