Divorce. Maybe you saw it coming. Maybe you were completely unaware and still feel like you’re in shock. However you have found yourself in this predicament, let us say: we’re so sorry you’re going through this. And we’re here to help.

Divorce is a uniquely stressful life event. Parting ways with a partner you’ve had for any length of time is painful, draining, depressing, and stressful. When kids are involved,  can be even worse, because they’re stressed out too. 

In the middle of trying to divide up all of your belongings, figure out custodial arrangements, and still do all of the regular stuff you need to do to survive — like working and feeding yourself and taking care of the kids and pets and everything else — you can start to feel like you’re never going to get through this. Bills are piling up, you owe your lawyer money, and the stress just keeps rising. And then your partner moves out, perhaps, leaving you solely responsible for your mortgage payments. Suddenly you wonder: why are you paying for this place anyway? Maybe it’s time to sell.

You could, of course, go through a realtor to sell your home, which unfortunately means a lot of hidden fees and costs, and a lot of extra stress to stage your home for prospective buyers and open houses and make sure it always looks absolutely perfect. And then there’s the waiting: there is no guarantee that your home will sell right away. You could be waiting an untold amount of time, with bills and stress continuing to pile up.

At Love Texas Houses, we want to make this process as simple as possible for you. We can quickly and easily evaluate your home and offer you a fair cash payment. At Love Texas Houses the process takes days, not months, and we work to get you the best deal possible. We also aren’t Realtors, so there are no closing fees, agent fees, or any other fees that you have to pay as part of the transaction. You don’t even have to clean up, much less stage, your home: we purchase houses as-is. While we are truly sorry for this incredibly emotional time you’re going through, we seek to make this part as quick and painless as possible and get you the best possible offer we can give for your home. 

We urge you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can get this process started, and get you taken care of as quickly as possible. At Love Texas Houses, we want to help. Contact us today.

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