Being in foreclosure is a scary place. You’re basically as close as you are ever going to come to losing your home due to your inability to pay your mortgage. You may be dealing with constant requests from your lender by email, phone and regular mail. You’re probably pretty stressed out and might not be sleeping all that well at night. Your mental health might be overwhelmed and in need of support, too. 


The added stress is probably not helping whatever it was that brought you into this predicament in the first place: job loss, medical bills, underemployment, family emergency, etc. Whatever it was that got you here probably hasn’t gone away, and the stress from it has likely only increased due to the foreclosure proceedings.


We Can Help

Love Texas Houses can help, but please, don’t wait! Call us as soon as possible, especially if you are already in foreclosure proceedings with your lender. While we can likely still make contact with your lender and get you out of foreclosure, our hands are tied if the foreclosure has already gone through.


You may be asking yourself just how big a deal a foreclosure is, really. A foreclosure is the absolute worst thing that you can have on your credit report. Your credit will suffer significantly if you do have a foreclosure, and it may be ten years before you can apply for car loans, credit cards or mortgages, due to having a foreclosure on your record. It’s for this reason that we say: don’t wait to call us. We can help while you are still in foreclosure but once it is settled, we’re unable to help further.


Your credit will take a hit due to your late payments when we stop a foreclosure, but it will be a substantially smaller hit than a foreclosure would bring about. We want to make sure that we stop this process before the foreclosure goes through.


Trying Times

We know that you’re likely in this difficult situation for reasons that are beyond your control. Your credit history, your payment history with your mortgage lender, and whether or not you are in foreclosure doesn’t define who you are, and if you’re beating yourself up because of this, please stop. Try being gentle with yourself. You usually can’t help a job loss or a medical emergency, a sick relative or most any circumstance that could possibly put you in this place. 


At Love Texas Houses, we truly want to help you. We are happy to recommend a wide variety of resources that may be available to you in your particular situation. Sometimes you don’t even have to end up selling your house for cash at all, although this is often the easiest thing to do. We tackle each and every problem individually, because no two people are the same, and neither are their circumstances. We will do whatever it takes to help get you back on your feet, whether that is helping you to work with your lender, buying your house outright for a fair cash price, recommending other resources that may work better for you than our own, and much more. Contact Love Texas Houses today and let’s see what we can do to get you out of foreclosure.