Traditionally, homeowners use realtors for a home sale. Realtors play a very important role in the house selling process and ensure that both buyers and sellers are protected. There are many legal and financial requirements to transfer a piece of real estate from one owner to another. They also provide the sales and marketing resources to bring the buyer and seller together.

In many cases, however, it is the smarter or more convenient way to sell your home to a cash home buyer like Love Texas Houses. We buy houses for cash directly, upfront.

Some Reasons Why Homeowners Sell to Cash Home Buyers

  • They are behind on their mortgage and need to sell quickly
  • They are facing a foreclosure
  • They are getting divorced and need to sell their home
  • They inherited an unwanted home
  • They are tired of being a landlord
  • The house has been flooded
  • The house needs significant repairs
  • The house has foundation damage
  • They are relocating

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Stop Devastating Financial Stress

stressed manThere are many reasons you may have to sell your home quickly. A job loss may cause late mortgage payments, and you need to stop the financial freefall in a hurry. If you don’t change something, the problem will not simply go away. Hopefully, this is a temporary situation, but ignoring the problem will not solve the problem. Late mortgage payments will eventually lead to a foreclosure. A foreclosure is the greatest hit your credit report can ever take. Once your house is foreclosed upon, not only do you lose your house but your credit is ruined for the next 10 years. Imagine not being able to get a car loan, approved for a credit card and certainly, not another mortgage. A home that is foreclosed on will make these possibilities absolute certainties.

If you sell your house to Love Texas Houses, you may have to give up your house, but you save your credit from being ruined! Some of our programs even allow you to stay in your house, even though you give up ownership of the house. Over time, as you regain your financial stability, you can regain ownership of your house again. 

Even if we cannot work out a plan to keep you in your house, by selling to Love Texas Houses you stop the foreclosure and all the attendant financial catastrophes. Using a realtor in this situation is not possible as this traditional sales avenue is too slow and will not be able to stop the foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure, you cannot wait for the money you need now! You can use the quick sale to stop the financial stress and move in with your life. Give Love Texas Houses a call; we offer foreclosure help.

Stop Debilitating Emotional Stress

You may unfortunately find yourself facing a divorce. This is already an emotionally stressful situation, especially if there are children involved. The last thing you need is to further stress out over having to sell the house you own now. You may even be facing a court-ordered home sale. You need a plan to quickly sell your home so that you can move on and repair your life.

The last thing you need is to have to stage your house for showings, and deal with strangers traipsing through your home. You are already emotionally stressed; open houses and showings can just exacerbate that stress considerably. Often, one partner will move out of the family home, leaving the entire financial burden of the mortgage or rent on the other. This creates even more financial stress. The longer this drags on the worse the situation becomes. 

At a time like this it is often easier to sell your home quickly to a cash home buyer like Love Texas Houses. You need a quick solution, and every day that you wait, your financial situation gets worse. You may be better off financially and emotionally in the end by selling quickly and getting on with your life. How much is the emotional stress worth? Give Love Texas Houses a call; we can buy your home for cash.

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Unburden Yourself of That House That Need So Many Repairs

We all know that houses need continual maintenance and upkeep, but we have busy lives and sometimes these things are swept aside. Simple maintenance like painting, sealing exposure to the elements or regularly servicing heating and cooling systems avoids significant problems down the road. Deferring regular maintenance creates significant problems over time.

painting a roomIf a house has been neglected for a long time, it will naturally fall into disrepair. It may be that the house was flooded or damaged in a natural disaster. An otherwise serviceable house may have significant foundation movement. In all of these cases these deficiencies need to be repaired at significant cost to you, the homeowner.

If a neglected house can be saved, it will most probably require a major renovation project, which will likely be quite costly. Most homeowners can take on a small renovation task, or even hire a contractor to take care of a larger project. A major renovation project is time-consuming and costly. It may end up that the project isn’t actually worth doing based on the value it will bring, versus the cost of the project itself.

Contrary to the many “Fix-and-Flip” TV shows, major renovations are serious undertakings that require many different skills, and many thousands of dollars. Even if you do have the time, skills and money, you usually end up having to live somewhere else while the house is being renovated. Most homeowners do not relish the idea of living in a half torn apart house without working plumbing for several months. The disruption to daily routine is significant and highly stressful.

At Love Texas Houses we love those old Texas houses. We already have relationships with local contractors, inspectors, project managers, material vendors etc. And another big plus – we don’t need to live in the house while it is being renovated! Why not just sell your old home, take your money and buy a home that does not need all that work? Let us deal with the headache. That’s what we do. Give Love Texas Houses a call; we’ll buy that home right off of your hands.

Tired of Being a Landlord?

It’s a lot of work being a landlord. It’s not just – open the mailbox, and get your rent checks. There’s a little more to it than that, right? Ever had to screen prospective tenants? Ever received THAT call in the middle of the night? Ever find 15 people living in your 2 bedroom house? Ever do a house inspection and find 7 different colors of wall paint, pipes damaged, or windows broken? Ever have problems with late rent payments? Ever find holes in the walls, or walls missing altogether? Ever had to evict a tenant? Having to work with tenants can create tremendous problems for you, the landlord.

It can be emotionally draining to have to keep up with tenants. Many are respectable, hard-working people that take good care of your property and do not cause you any headaches. Unfortunately, some are not. No matter how well you screen your prospective tenants; there is always the chance that a tenant can turn out to be a major headache for you. At Love Texas Houses we call those tenants “Purple Aliens”.

If you are tired of the constant battle, let Love Texas Houses unburden you. Give us a call; we know how to deal with Purple Aliens.

Follow the Money.

happy couple movingLet’s say you have been offered a great new position at work. More money and more responsibility! Great perks and company car to boot. Problem is – it’s on the other side of the country, and you start your new job in two weeks. What to do with your existing home? You can’t very well coordinate its sale from the other side of the country. You also have to find a new home in your new city. You need money for a down payment for the new house, and because this relocation was unplanned your finances are not in place for the down payment. 

You may think it’s a wise idea to use a realtor. Unfortunately, hiring a realtor will mean that your house will sit on the market for weeks if not longer. Your house will also be vacant, which creates its own set of problems. A vacant house is not as visually appealing to prospective buyers. A vacant house could also mean the loss of your homeowners insurance, due to being at a higher risk of vandalism and glass breakage.  In this situation, it makes sense to sell your home to a cash buyer. Get your house sold fast, and more importantly get paid quickly so that you can get your family into a new home and keep following your dreams!

Give Love Texas Houses a call; we can get you moved quickly.